What is the European Union?

This is what the Kaiser and Hitler had planned for Europe.

Germany, twice last century, tried to Unite Europe but under their control.

Germany never wanted to kill everybody outside Germany. They only wanted to dominate Europe.

The first two attempts with might, bullets and atrocities did not work so having learnt an historical  lesson twice they have come up with buying or sovereign nations with money, guile and the greed of each nations leaders.

The Germans have bankrupted Europe twice  last century but surprisingly after 50 years they are the master and most rich European Country!

Worse, they rule the European Union!

Our current rulers of each other country are in effect saying “ Sod our forefathers who died in these wars, sod the deprivations that the surviving European people had to endure. we give up willingly the the Nazi rule, a pretence European Union run by Germany.” We are all  guilty of pissing on our forefathers graves. 

The debt due to Britain lies heavily on the shoulders of Europe. Yet jealous  Europe hates Britain and would like to see Britain suffer and become subservient to the old Master Germany like themselves.

As we contribute to building up Europe at British cost, we pay into Europe the third most contributions yet we are ignored in Brussels, the Parliament of Europe.

 Brussels parliament is made up of non elected members employed from I G Farben, you know the elite Big Pharma backer of German’s two world wars. Without whom neither World Wars could have been contemplated!

This Big Pharma with more money than Nations are the elite above European Parliament. Their financial backing has to be investigated as the common saying goes “ follow the money”.

 Britain is a thorn in the Nazi takeover. So to eliminate Britain is to divide it up so that it is no longer a power to deal with.

How to break up Britain. Lead them to sign away the Power of Attorney in many rules and legislation.

Then allow North Ireland to become under the rules of the EU making all Ireland a vassal of Europe. 

Ireland will be correctly known as European Ireland. It will not be known ever again as simply Ireland.

With Northern Ireland Britain will have to be defined as a lesser state. 

Next Scotland. Scotland wants the EU money and are prepared to sell their home rule to get that, they are already talking about coming out of Britain even knowing that the marriage to Germany will violate them in the future. The German mentality leaning ever to sadistic Nazism.

 Next to attack from within will be Wales. Already they are applauding the money from the EU and in their immediate greed are likely to break away from Britain for the quick fix.

Germany says “Check mate to European domination”

England will stand alone and will be destroyed. Yes destroyed because they will always be a thorn to Germany especially when Germany shows it’s true colours later on with their Power of Attorney and put the fear of death into any country that opposes their rule.

What does this mean? We are all destroying our children’s future for many generations to come. Our generation will be written up as traitors to the wellbeing of Europe.

With no Britain the four countries will be known as Europe Scotland, Europe Ireland, Europe Wales but England will still be England.

Slowly Scotland, Ireland and Wales will drop out and just be know as Northern States of Europe. And as they are distant from central Europe they will become dormant vassals, second homes for the rich Europeans, many Germans. 

A warning ; You think the Russians and the Chinese are evil, wait till you see the Nazi Germans in action. Hold that thought, we already know the nazi rules and their mass inhuman destruction and we know that the Nazis never left! May Jesus Christ help us because our greedy self serving rulers will not.