Hitler's dream has come true

EU is still dominated by Hitler's Germany

It may seem hyperbole but Germany is definitely in power in Europe and Merkle is trying to get a European army. Since Germany runs the EU from Brussels this means that Germany will control an army!

The EU Totalitarian State& the Urgency of Brexit

Check out these two excellent videos from the renouned speaker:

Ian R Crane

EU Referendum: The Plan to destroy The UK

Professor Michael Dougan;

one of the UK’s leading EU law experts criticizes the referendum debate’s 'dishonesty on an industrial scale', as he considers the claims and counter claims from each side.

University of Liverpool Law School’s Professor Michael Dougan has spent his career studying EU law as it relates to the UK; contributing to Parliamentary Select Committees, advising government and now helping media fact check the barrage of assertions emanating from the Remain and Leave camps, in the run up to June 23.

Here, Professor Dougan analyses the substance of each viewpoint and delivers an informed assessment of the UK’s potential future position, both as a member of the EU and in the wake of a vote to leave.

Radoslaw Sikorski - a Polish  anti-British lecturer

From the third lecture in the post-Brexit lecture series at the University of Greenwich.

His Polish view of Brexit which insults the British.

This is the reason that Britain should leave the EU.

Radoslaw Sikorski: Minister of Foreign Affairs in Donald Tusk's cabinet between 2007 and 2014.

After martial law was declared in Poland in December 1981, he was granted political asylum in Britain in 1982. He studied in the University Oxford.

Now he comes and lectures in universities that Britain should stay in the EU unconditionally. Then he holidays in London for many weeks and in area of completely Polish migrants and is pleased to say that he never hears an English word spoken.

Dr Rath talking about the EU domination and slavery.

Expenses in the EU- A look at the gravy train in Brussels with Lib Dem MEP

An MEP tells us about the scandalous money that the MEPs cost us.

The Video the EU tried to shut down

Strasbourg to Brussels farce: one of the most absurd examples of EU million pounds per month waste