Tommy Robinson political activist against Extreme Muslims.

12th November 2019

Tommy Robinson became a political activist in response to the extreme Muslim community in his home town of Luton in England UK.

Tommy Robinson is the co-founder and former spokesman and leader of the English Defence League (EDL) "street protest" movement, and also founded the European Defence League. For a short time in 2012 Robinson was joint Party Vice Chairman of the British Freedom Party. He led the EDL from 2009 until 8 October 2013, when he was persuaded to quit the organisation and to discuss alternative ways of tackling extremism with the think tank Quilliam.

He claims not to be racist but is responding to what he has seen. He has protested against the Muslim rape gangs and terrorists in his own town who were untouchable by the police.

Please click on this link to see what he had to say when he was invited to speak at the Oxford University Union Debate Society:


It is remarkable the The Oxford Union can post this debate on youtube, but when Mr Robinson tries to air his views they are taken down. Also you will not find this footage on the BBC, they doctored the footage to edit  a very different story from the truth.

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