Before you vote.

First, what is the EU ?

The "European Union" is a private company and not united Europe

The EU known as the European Union is just a logo of a private company as is TESCO or WAITROSE, neither displaying that they sell food and clothing.

THE EU is a private company, a wholesaler for Europe and they invite European countries to trade as affiliates. These affiliates have to sign up to this wholesaler to be legally governed by the EU rules and regulations. A simple, accepted practice. 

However to be an affiliate one must legally give up their rights of self Government and never have any right to leave this EU company.

This means that all affiliates are Lock, Stock and Barrel owned by this EU company! 

Unheard of, tough!

The affiliates do not have any power to interfere with the whole seller’s Rules, Regulations or daily running of it’s business. 

The EU encourages their clients to make suggestions on all aspects of running the daily business but never to have the power to over ride the EU policies decisions.

Hence all European Members of Parliament, members from each country of affiliates, are merely ineffective window dressing as far as influencing any policy decisions. Their only function is to, talk amongst themselves and what ever they discuss has no bearing on the EU company decision, but it does appear as if the secret EU companies decision was the collective decision of the many European MPs. This is a blatant pretence that the EU final decision was the common consent of the EU Members and not the over ruling of the EU company. 

A big con.

How do they get away with this absolute domination? 

They pay these European Union MPs a fortune in wages and pensions to keep their mouths shut! They pay them a fortune in expenses that they do not need to offer receipts to substantiate, this is illegal!

No such thing as illegal in the Private Company called the EU. The EU owns Europe and can make up any law they need without consult to any Government.

They have got their own Flag and Anthem and now their Army.

Soon the Union Jack and British national anthem will be superseded.

Britain will be broken up into four countries making them ineffective world wide and England will be known as EU England, a mere northern dormitory county of Europe.

The upside is that we will not need to pay our thieving WestMinster Parliamentarians for sleeping during working hours. Looking ahead I can see the EU MPs get replaced by some new department in the EU.

Goodbye to the lot of them and Hail to the Nazi rulers. We will degenerate like the Russian nations as slaves. Remember the Nazis got rid of the sick, old aged and intellectuals.

History repeating itself!

This is what Hitler had organised if he won the War, the Nazis never left!

The Nazis have at last won the war over Europe.