Rees-Mogg career path to Prime Minister

Rees-Mogg self design career path to PM

6th August 2019

Rees-Mogg all through the Non-Brexit campaign of Mrs May,s term of office has been lining himself up for prime Ministership.

He did not present himself as a candidate at the time of Mrs May and the other women candidates for premier ship. He slyly kept out go sight as who ever became the prime Minister wasting hold of the poisoned challis. This would be s short term premiership and the holder would be cast into the back benches forever.

He niggled away at the leadership on topics that were uneasy for whoever was in office, seemingly gaining a quiet positive presence.

At the eventual fall of Mrs May he still could see whoever took the poison chalice after her would only reign for a short time as the Government was in disarray and obviously losing the Publics confidence.

He promoted Boris, the clown to succeed her and Boris’s  speech whilst May was still in office was uncannily in the language of Rees-Mogg! His inauguration speech again was not that of Boris but again was uncannily the language of Rees-Mogg. The only two well delivered speeches from Boris. After that Boris has bungled in his usual stupid, off the cuff gaffs. But, he is the Prime Minister for all that!

With Boris’s consistent gaffs, Rees-Mogg has had to come out of hiding, get a Cabinet Office position to educate and steer Boris along his very short Premiership whilst still maintaining the dubious integrity of the Conservative Party.

All this is for Rees-Mogg to take over the Conservative Party in the future when the Coast is clear for a long lasting rule.

So, Rees-Mogg has a clear line to advance himself as a more than likely candidate to save the Conservative party as their leader.

Stick any woman into premiership with the poisoned chalice guaranteeing a short term or a disaster leadership. Wait until he could see a way through these troubled times and then present himself as a more than likely candidate. This was how Margret Thatcher got in, the old brigade decided that whoever took leadership holding the then poisoned chalice would very soon fall and be cast fore ever to the back benches. The end of their career. Of course she conquered the old brigade and lead Britain to a victorious end.

No so for the weak Mrs May. Poisoned and gone fore ever. 

Still troubled waters, so Rees-Mogg sacrificed the blundering idiot Boris to handle the death throws of the Conservative party to see out the death of Brexit. The No Deal is the best Deal but is the end of Parliament and a new Parliaments will have to be elected!

Step forth Rees-Mogg, the clean modest champion business man to save Britain!

Fait Accompli!