Here is a general rant.

All British Members of Parliament, the employees of the British, have committed treason by not following the orders of the People and should now give back their salaries and expenses from now back to the referendum. The Queen should have dissolved Parliament and degreed that the existing Members never to return to Parliament and any civil appointments.
The EU is great for the people of Britain!
We have more poverty now than in the last 100 years. 1 in 4 children are living in poverty. We allow people to live and indeed erect tents in the streets, See Oxford City where they are camped outside the Police Station and the Courts. We are lucky to have FOOD BANKS, yes free food! We have zero hours contracts that save the Government giving out money assistance as these soft in the heads people are deemed to be in regular work thus not qualifying for assistance. Our businesses are being moved to the EU countries every week and we are paying for their removal costs.  This fact is that the EU delaying our departure so that they can day in and day out prepare for the Brexit whilst Britain is sleeping and not preparing. Our ruling classes should be preparing for a complete no deal break and on that day it should be business as usual just like the EU’s preparations.
The only people to get crushed will be the common people.
The Common People should rally and vote out the old Brigade and invent a new party. A promising one was BREXIT but the leader has decided to give this Party to the Conservative evil tyrants that have proved themselves traitors, thieves and lying wasters.
A suggestion I would like is to dump Maggie Thatcher and open the Workers Union Party. A Party for the people, by the People and paid for by the People.
I would like to get the NHS back from BIG PHARMA and train our young Doctors to be complete Doctors and not BIG PHARMA’s drug pushers. There are many cures that are not patented and more effective than chemo therapy or radiation.
BIG PHARMA owns most patents that the NHS use and they just dream up the cost o their drugs that is mandatory for the NHS to use. BIG PHARMA control the NHS or should I say the EUNHS, to the extent that they own the NHS. They own the NHS because they control the cost of medicines! Sack the top three layers of the so called NHS and get Britain back it.s pride the NHS!
As a car manufacturing nation we no longer make cars, we assemble cars for foreign countries and they earn most from this one way deal. Maggie Thatcher dragged Britain out of the Industrial age a made us a Second World Nation.
Read www.britishtommy.comand weep!
We want to get rid of Hitler's plan to unite Europe under the Nazi and BIG PHARMA control cunningly called the EU. Now that Britain is leaving the EU the EU is rushing through an EU Flag and an EU Anthem and a EU Army run by Germany. It will
 go down in history that the German EU was agreed with British consent as we are still members!
The World declared that Germany will never be allowed and Army but this twist that it is the EU Army is their way around this decree.
One waits with bated breath as Germany will start another WORLD WAR
The question of immigration in Britain and the truth that it is a drain on Britain.
The invasion of Indian and Pakistani immigrants. They never integrated with the Britains and British society.  They grouped together in settlements, kept their old cultures and religions that they escaped to get away from and demanded their foreign language and religion and even dress sense be accepted in British Schools.
In fifty short years every village, town and city has a coloured deep presence. I do not use the word coloured in any racial context because to name all the countries would be too long. One great thing is that they have entered into every aspect of the British community which means that their presence is a community success.
The down side is that they still export sterling which encourages more native to immigrate to Britain.
Then came the Chinese. They spread quicker into Britain but again sent sterling overseas.
Then came the world on the move. Nations taking to walking out of their countries and invading Europe en masse that swamped Europes resources. European countries started to export their migrants to their neighbours causing great friction throughout the EU.
In Britain we were not really equipped for the great immigration that suddenly was foisted on to our then balanced society.
Let me dwell on one country that I know first hand, Poland.
I was many times approached by Polish people asking for a job even though I did not need any more employees.  After many requests to work for me, I was embarrassed at my refusal, so I offered them a job at a low days wage so that they would stop asking me and to my horror they accepted. One days wage was the equivalent of five and a half weeks work in Poland. I had to find another contract to usefully employ them. I gave them caravans,with all the utilities thus they did not have the expense of digs or travelling. This meant that they were paid better than my usual employees.
Better still, on Mondays a White Van delivered all their groceries, cigarettes and booze at 1/9 British costs. They paid and sent home one days wage to their wives which was the equivalent of a five days wage in Poland. The Wives were pleased because they did not have to pay the laundry, meals , ciggies and booze so they were better off at home. And I discovered that Britain sent to the Polish families a Family allowance equal to another weeks money  all because of the sterling/euro difference.
in five years working for me the five  Polish guys earne enough to buy outright a home in Poland and my five Brits still could not afford a down payment for a British Home. I hope you see and understand why foreigners willingly work for basic wages in Britain - they spend their money back home which leverages a shop shelf filler a bigger wage than a Doctor back home.
Just think if Brits were on an equal footing then Squaddies after a Five year stretch could walk out owning a British home!
That is leverage!
Poland is only one European country of many that is bleeding Britain of it’s sterling.
The down side is that Britain is  bleeding money at an alarming rate and worse nobody is addressing this major problem. I remember Prime Minister Harold Wilson making a law that anyone holidaying abroad could only take out £50.00 to save Britain’s finance. He must be turning in his grave!
 To think that Britain holidays in Europe, again draining sterling