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Wage structure
Come a War some one will visit everybody over 18 and under 30 to compulsory engage you in one of the fighting services. They will say, pick up your musket or I will shoot you as a traitor!
Hence you understand that as a British bred and born person has to defend Britain with their lives.
Now you have been employed but never enough salary to afford a house, a family all the basic needs of a free British subject. You own nothing to fight for! You are in essence a slave. A slave is a kept person given only enough money to survive to get to work and no more. You are a slave by definition!
Then at a time of war you are recruited wether you like it or not. So in times of peace, if you own Britain then why is it you cannot afford the basic rights of humanity - a home - a family ? Someone or official body has robbed you of your basic rights. The country is not yours to defend!
In times of peace young people lay in two camps.
The elite’s  family join the forces for their CV and all the benefits of high rank that they never earned.
The other end the common person joined for three square meals and a bit of spending money at the cost of their lives. These are the bullet collectors. If their bodies survive 12 bullets then the depletion of the enemies arms are worth losing a common soldier. The Officers play Battle games and the winner is he who has soldiers left standing after the Battle. The common soldier is a pawn and nothing more!
If conscription is compulsory in times of War then the commoner who really owns Britain should have his rightful
share of Britain and the basic need such as a home and family and should be protected by their parliamentarians with equal vigour in peacetime as in War!
We must get rid of Estate managers running up the cost of housing to run up their percentage returns on the sales. British Houses are sold at an inflated price well beyond the bricks and mortar! All false!
The town councils should be building council houses to meet the needs of the British people and no one should have ownership of British Soil. This is the inheritance of every British born person. Not for sale!
If we do not look after our young then we have no future!
We can rent our inheritance but never let it be sold.
In Britain we find that the NHS, for the people, by the people, paid for by the people now belongs to one of the largest Pharmaceutical conglomerates in the World, a German group called I G Farben nick named BIG PHARMA!
NHS is no longer British!
I G Farben own and charge what ever they like for their patented drugs and they have complete control over drug purchases. Britains biggest drain on sterling is the  German British NHS.
To maintain this theft they pay the top four levels of the NHS salaries of eye watering proportions and this greed ensures their constant ownership without declaring as much.
I G Fraben goes deeper into Britain by sponsoring Universities for research, sponsoring full faculties with money that keeps their mouths shut and the research belongs to I G Farben and consequentially the Patents are I G Farben’s!
You could not make this farce up but follow the money and it always unfolds.
At this time of coronavirus they are sponsoring Universities to produce a vaccine, keeping the eyes off the already cure, the wonderful Human Immune System rebuild. There is no money in cures! To cure is to lose a customer.Toproduce an ineffective vaccine is to produce a cash cow for many a year.
This comes down to education, or rather the lack of education. British education is run by our unseen elite. They only want a dummied down education to produce workers who do not see they are slaves and kept from the truth. Only from your death bed can you see through the bullshit.
Too late? No ! I am going on to the internet to pass on the naked truth. Read one of my champions Dr Rath and look at his web site an see the truth and weep if you have unnecessarily lost a loved one from any disease. Also do what Thomas Healy does by researching through the internet about the wonderful Human Immune System and never get another disease once you have built up your immune System to the level of a teenager. live another 50 years disease free! Tom’s site is and see how he researches the internet and also since he is not an academic then you can do better and please correct me or critic me. Get a forum going and we together can put the world to rights.
Question which British Parliamentarian sold your inheritance to a foreign power.
Somerset, I think where a new power station is being built by China who then in turn can control England by shutting off the power stations supply of Electricity at any time to create disaster for Britain at the time of need.
Who owns the Public Utilities? Who owns the Electric Boards who keep putting up the charges while wages are stagnant? They employ foreign labour cheaper than British Labour!
Who owns the Water Boards who keep putting up the charges while wages are stagnant. They employ Foreign labour cheaper than British labour!
Gas Boards are the same with preferential employment to foreigners!
As these are British Utilities then only British Labour should be employed and let wages rises to the workers be the true reasons for charging more for their services.
The Railways and Highways should also be solely run  by British management.
These Foreign managements should be abolished and stop the drain on Sterling.
We should trace back who authorised the sale of British  Utilities and severely deal with them.
These are acts of War on British Sterling.
Every British man or woman should have a basic salary to comfortably own a home to place a wife and family in relative comfort.
Communism of equal pay does not work.
But, if we do not look after our own British Worker the we do not have a future!
The elite will bring in foreign workers for less and soon the British born and bred will be the minority and the British no more. The voting system will be predominantly foreign and the minority British will no longer own Britain. This is in such a short time, 70 years, and Britain will no longer be British!
Our Elite for personal short time gain have sold Britain right from under our feet.
The deliberately under educated mass do not know what is happening until too late.
In living memory we fought for Britain and then our rulers for greed alone have sold Britain to foreigners. The Brits are now the minority, the Brits are the third class citizens, all in 70 years!
We must get rid of todays Politicians and elect British minded politicians.
We must get our Utilities back into British hands and stop the housing racket. The price of housing to reflect wages.
Wages that support housing a family and family life.
Personally I would like to see less traveling. Go back 70 years when one moved to where the work was and a short bus trip was only necessary.
London housing prices to reflect wages, after all they are on British soil! London workers from Brighton to move to London and stop the traveling madness. Kill the housing madness. Most house owners own many houses that the tenants can hardly pay! Britain belongs to every British subject and not the few! Through out double ownerships. Only Councils to have multiply ownerships of homes.
Bring back the love of being British.
Help stop the best British emigrating for a better life. This is a serious drain on our resources and costs Britain dearly.
I am not against foreigners, colours or creeds, but I insist on British culture and the British People who made this wonderful culture and this must be protected at all costs.
People all over the world come to Britain for the British culture so it is up to us to protect the British culture. There is no room for foreign cultures in Britain. These foreigners have declared their cultures are not good so they must leave their old cultures out of Britain.
In the next generation the British will be a minority so now is the time to save the British culture and the British Peoples ownership of Britain before it is given to Foreigners who are hell bent on changing Britain into the image of their failed cultures.
We are fighting many wars all over the world to help countries that the common British man does not even know!
And here in Britain we have a silent war being waged upon Britain inside Britain and we do not see it!
In a very short time Britain will no longer be British. Christian Faith will be replaced by Muslim Faith.
House of commons will be Muslim.
Stop all cheap foreign labour, be it Nurses, Doctors, Utility workers, Council workers, all work within Britain.
If the EU want war on the North/South boarder then we should send all Irish Passport workers in Britain back home toSouthern Ireland. All Southern Irish contractors to relinquish their ownership of British work. These Irish would go home and within a week sort out the Irish homeland politicians. In a fortnight we would welcome the Irish labour back to Britain to resume as before.
The EU would collapse and Europe would be free of German domination and  go back to sovereign nations once more.
All changes involve pain but this must be met for the good of mankind.

Zero Hours.


If the chancellor does not recognise Zero Hours as employment then Zero  Hours workers should not be taxable! No deductions from their monies paid!

No Union in Britain would ever have allowed anybody to be contracted without a contract! now work that statement out if you can!

You could not make this up!

A zero hours worker can be sent home for that day or any other day the employer thinks he can do without them. The zero worker presents themselves to the work place first thing in the morning. Taken their own expense, early breakfast, travelling  to be available for work only to be told to that they are not needed today but be available when ever there is a need for them by the company! No compensation for the effort given?   Also the zero hour employees cannot go home and start window cleaning to make up payment for the days daily bread! If they do and the employer finds out they are sacked in their absence because it is in their contract to the employer. A one way contract!

The Mafia treat their employees better!

Then they cannot get assistance money for six weeks.


The common man looks at his situation.


He does not have any savings, no money left at the end of the week.

Even in full employment he does not have any savings.

He is working to feed, cloth and put a roof over the heads of his family with no savings.

He cannot refuse any work or he destroys his family.

Off times his family goes without because the hours can be withdrawn at any time.


Now consider a slave.


A slave is kept, fed and groomed to be fit enough for work and no savings.

If he runs away he gets fogged and sent back to work.

He will never starve or sleep homeless.



The common man is better off as a slave with no responsibilities!


Now the shipbuilding was always fraught with Union striking power. This was mainly safety rules and individual payment agreements not being met.

The strikes were becoming more often and disrupting schedules, especially finishing dates.

A leading Union man said the following; If all management boarded one of the great ships and sailed round the World on holiday the men still be working away, would hate them.

Then if all the workers boarded the same ships and set off to sail round the World, within a week the management would be screaming for their return because no work would be done!

So who is more important but gets so little in return for their effort?


I am 85 years old and when young we were excited about the future of the working class.

With new jobs fully mechanised, producing more like the Farming where one man and his combine harvester did the work of twenty men then the profit shared would mean more paid leisure time. Time to study, time to work for charity, time for a better life.

With mechanisation and new inventions the working class were expecting a two or three day week, like what our GPs are now getting, and enough savings to cover old age retirement. Holidays, traveling, a second volunteering job, a great life for all!


Alas the dream was shattered by the greed of the middle class supported by the even more greedy upper class. These redundant classes have more pensions and savings earned of the backs of the working class and have greedily stolen the working classes lives rewards!

Come a war the working class get a ribbon and the Officers get a great CV, a pension and never had to face a bullet! After the two World wars the common man had no prospects, job or house to keep his family. He soon discovered that he had no job, assets, or savings.

He was so bewildered that he never put his situation to a test or he would have discovered that he had nothing to fight for!!!


I have a nephew and his son both did many tours to Afghanistan. My nephew lost his wife and child by his absence in the war and his son’s prospects the same. Neither had even a push bike between them, risking their lives and worse limbs for three meals a day?

Dads driving a delivery van and the son is looking for Zero hours work!


If they do not warrant Government assistance then they should not pay taxes, not only from their earnings but for any goods that have taxes, such as VAT and ordinary taxes. Just like businesses that deduct VAT on goods purchased. So this is a no brainer!


As they say, Boris, your slip is showing!


This decency will never happen because this white trash are thick commoners!


Thought 2
Coronavirus is a mutation of the common cold virus. It was designed to be more lethal by clowns in laboratories throughout the world. These are same blameless clowns that invented nuclear bombs ( not to be used as such - fuck off).
We are taught that a butterfly flaps its wings in South America then the result is a Huricane in the North Atlantic. Foe every action there is a reaction.
We are taught that a molecule from Julias Caesar utterance “ Et Tu, Brute” is i every bodies lung. Nothing is lost and nothing is new! The same goes for President Trump rants a molecule from him is in every bodies lung somewhere. The same with Prime minister Boris Johnson breath, but did not have coronavirus sickness?
       You see that as the world goes round and round and the winds precede then this world’s atmosphere is a soup or sump of all things in this world.. You can run but you cannot hide from this virus.
Without being a fat arsed prick of a Professor or worse a thick Member of Parliament we can analyse the facts that the older you are the more likely you will die from coronavirus.
Facts : children up to 25 Years of age just shrug off this coronavirus like a common cold.  26 to 55  then expect to be bedridden for a fortnight but survive. 56 and older then expect to die.
Read Dr Rath’s team of leading world scientists explanation in plain words for all to understand.  and weep at the stupidity of this unnecessary  disease.
He has been writing many hundreds of medical papers in most medical top journals but never gets credited for the truth that he has predicted. He predicted that the Pharmaceutical companies were deliberately poisoning the world’s air, seas and land with heavy toxic chemicals to poison mankind.But that they would own the patents for the medicines to, not cure, but draw out ones death making them more money.These Companies normally called BIG PHARMA trade in disease!
 Why do children up to the age of 25 not experience death? because the toxic foodstuffs sold thee world over take years of accumulation in the human body, but make no mistake it accumulates per meal devoured. It  attacks and weakens the human immune system daily.
So the old aged and the sick jst die. This is called mass culling of the human race.
Look on the bright side, the Christian say a man has three score and ten life span. So if we cull the over 70 and the weak we lesson the burden on the remaining population.
Another good point is that granny occupying a three bed house dyes and a young family can inherit the house and her assets. And the pensions all stop paying out And her nest egg money can now be circulated into the coffers of the Government to buy more deadly viruses for the next culling.
This is nothing new, Eskimo grannies walk naked into the night blizzard to make way for their off spring.
History always repeats if you do not learn from it!

Thought 3


Coronavirus Explained.
A healthy IMMUNE SYSTEM does not need a vaccine!
Here are facts:
Young up to 25 year olds just shrug off the Coronavirus like a common cold.
26 to 55 may get bed ridden for a few weeks and recover.
56 to old age and sick people’s lives are gravelly at risk. The older than 70 and sick can expect to die.
It is not an age thing at all, it is a weakness in the human immune system.
Since the Second World War BIG PHARMA has poisoned the world with killer chemicals just like they did for the human race with Mustard Gas.
Todays diet, especially from cheap supermarkets are full of added toxic ingredients to the immune system. These toxic ingredients are accumulative, very small doses with every meal eaten. The more meals the more toxins the daily weakening of the wonderful human immune system.
Not an age problem at all!
The cure is not in a vaccine but to build up your immune system strength by natural supplement pills readily available! Give the 90 year old an immune system of a 20 year old and they will shake off thÅe coronavirus like a common cold!
This virus is like the common cold virus, it is now into the human race and the young will be carriers and eventually every person will be visited as no man is an Island.
Isolation keeps the current numbers down to a manageable level. Enough beds and funeral numbers for the Governments to handle.

Thought 4

This is what the WHO say coronavirus is:
Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses which may cause illness in animals or humans.  In humans, several coronaviruses are known to cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The most recently discovered coronavirus causes coronavirus disease COVID-19.
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.
MERS                        Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
SARS                        Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
COVID-19.                Coronavirus Disease 2019
Notice nearly every 10 years apart and never two together?
Suggests man controlled release.
This is the erroneous WHO conclusion!
Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.  Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness.
The best way to prevent and slow down transmission is be well informed about the COVID-19 virus, the disease it causes and how it spreads. Protect yourself and others from infection by washing your hands or using an alcohol based rub frequently and not touching your face.
The COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes, so it’s important that you also practice respiratory etiquette (for example, by coughing into a flexed elbow).
At this time, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. However, there are many ongoing clinical trials evaluating potential treatments. WHO will continue to provide updated information as soon as clinical findings become available.
Stay informed:
This is a classic case of Government fiddling while the people of World die hoping for a vaccine so they will make a colossal fortune.
We already have the answer to coronavirus!
Dr Rath’s world leading scientists gave us the answer years ago but you cannot make money from the cure.
His team says that a person with a healthy immune system just shrugs off this virus like a common cold.
BIG PHARMA’s scientists say it is age related. the older you are the more likely you will die from it.
This is a serious deliberate mistake for them to make money with phoney vaccines.
Dr Rath’s advice is to build up the immune system to the level of a teenager by a balanced supplements whilst stop eating contaminated foodstuffs of todays diet.
All Supermarket foodstuffs are contaminated by unnecessary toxic ingredients. Just read the ingredients in all their foodstuffs and see the amount of daily accumulation that your body is storing thus meal by meal, weakening your immune system to such a poor level that we all now know some one dying of cancer or some other evil disease.
The wonderful Human immune system easily kills off all viruses and coronavirus is no exception.
BIG PHARMA owns the British NHS.
BIG PHARMA has paid Governments to only use it’s patented drugs and the immune system is a threat to BIG PHARMA.
You could not make this up, it is so simple and sci-fy that it beggars belief.
O K.
Let’s analyse the facts.
Healthy people under 20 just shrug off this virus like a common cold.
20 to 55 may get bed ridden for two days
56 onwards have a 40% death rate.
This shows the older you are the more likely you will die.
But this is a bad conclusion.
We see some 80 year olds surviving. Why?
The more modern polluted toxic contaminated food stuffs you eat the more accumulated toxins stay in your body and the weaker your immune system is to such a progressive damage to your immune system that it is over whelmed by any virus. We are living in a dangerous world of pollution never before seen and BIG PHARMA has polluted the world.
Our atmosphere, that is air, our foodstuffs, our soils and our seas are all on the cusp of dying because of mankind using BIG PHARMA’s products so it is easy to see mankind is also under threat of distinction.
Clean out all BIG PHARMA’s evil products.
This only started after World war 2 finished.
                       90 years to pollute the World!
Now we clearly see how to stop coronavirus as a threat to Mankind.
We can see the deliberate plan of BIG PHARMA to control the World by ill health. This is World War 3, yes we are at war to save Mankind.
Not so daft if you analyse the facts correctly.
Mr Churchill said the only statistics he believed was the ones he manipulated himself.
Do your own research and if you want a clue how to start read www, and weep. If you have unnecessarily lost a loved one to this virus the blame lies with daily intake of an accumulation of toxins per meal you eat.
Better still read Dr Rath’s website, written in easy language for anybody to understand and it goes into great depth for Scientists to appreciate the true science behind his conclusions.
Knowing we have the answer to coronavirus what powerful force stops the Scientists, Professors and Research Scientists from not easy saving Human lives?
Surely this is what they have dedicated their work lives, anything less is stupidity and will be shown clearly when History is written.
If a common man researching his cancer  can uncover this global shallow hidden War then he is not alone!
The silent majority must step up to the plate or accept mass suicide!
                                  It is not age related
       It is the number of polluted meals per day one eats
Only eat uncontaminated fruit and vegetables. Uncontaminated meat, fowl and fish.
No supermarket foodstuffs!
Take pure supplements to build up the immune system.
Where can you get balanced supplements?
There are many clean producers of good supplements though there are many more producers of rubbish supplements so beware.
I have found that Dr Rath’s dedicated team of experts goes beyond most and also give a synergy of balance so that their supplements do not need you to carefully weigh out each ingredient. is an open science lab that only exists for all human beings. Non profit making
 Do your own research like Tom Healy and I am sure anybody can improve on Tom’s web site!
Also read for further proof and please write that you accept what these leading world scientists print or even better that you disagree with their findings. Lets talk amongst ourselves. After all, we are the ones that are dying prematurely!

Thought 5


this is what the who say coronavirus is:
Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses which may cause illness in animals or humans.  In humans, several coronaviruses are known to cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The most recently discovered coronavirus causes coronavirus disease COVID-19.
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.
Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.  Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, and cancer are more likely to develop serious illness.
The best way to prevent and slow down transmission is be well informed about the COVID-19 virus, the disease it causes and how it spreads. Protect yourself and others from infection by washing your hands or using an alcohol based rub frequently and not touching your face.
The COVID-19 virus spreads primarily through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes, so it’s important that you also practice respiratory etiquette (for example, by coughing into a flexed elbow).
At this time, there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. However, there are many ongoing clinical trials evaluating potential treatments. WHO will continue to provide updated information as soon as clinical findings become available.
Stay informed:
The WHO admits that no one knows how or or what to treat Covid-19!
The World scientists are at a loss except Dr Rath’s team of experts.
They know that the Human Immune System can handle and beat this virus easily.
The WHO thinks it is age related but it has nothing to do with age.
It is about the number of contaminated meals eaten. The more accumulated toxins and poison consumed the more weakened one’s Immune System is the more likely one is to die from any toxin or any virus.
 Now all is not lost.
Build up the Immune System to a par of a teenager and just shrug off the threat of coronavirus like a common cold disease.
Vaccines or other medicines are unnecessary.
Change from todays toxic diet  now. No more foodstuffs laden with sugars and pesticides, herbicides or chemicals to keep the person slightly sick while all of these just accumulate to a deadly out of control disease.
Look at what you buy in say,TESCO Supermarket. Read the ingredients! You will be amazed what you have been eating, supposedly knowingly poisons and TESCO is free from prosecution because they declared these poisons printed in the ingredients in all packaging.
Your choice, your problem.
There are no fat people in England - there are only starving people in England.
Look at the English diet.
Mainly purchased from a Supermarket. I have been through most foodstuffs in TESCO’s but it will be the same in any Supermarket. I have looked at the ingredients microscopically printed on all packaging and it is reading like a horror story. The additives are alarming. Sugar or similars are added into everything, even toothpaste! Excess sugars are cancerous. The British diet is Sugar! Everything is unnecessarily sweetened hence Britain is diabetic!
The NHS was created by Nye Bevan, a Welsh MP.
He said it was for the people, by the people paid for by the people.
However, after the war Britain was skint and he had to find funds for over one hundred new Hospitals.
IG Farben, the instigator of two World War approached Nye with this proposal; they would build onto every hospital a wing and teach our young people to become Doctors, all for nothing with one proviso that two of their people were directors, just to see the money was spent correctly! This Nye agreed.
The sting was that, I G Farben only taught the new Doctors I G Farben patented drugs! No Nutrition. They were just I G Farben drug pushers.
The sting was recognised too late and I G Farben once again ruled the NHS like they did the First and Second World Wars,. Now they ruled the British NHS and I will call it as it is.
—  German British NHS
The  German British NHS pretend that they do not know why Britain is becoming a Nation of diabetics?
They do not give a damn about the source of any illness they are pleased that we have an illness because they can prescribe a medicine, meaning they sell us a medicine, not to cure but to control the problem for as long as they can. They treat the symptoms but not the cure!
                                  Follow the Money!
When food has no nutrients then it does not  satisfy a person hunger pangs so the eat second and third helpings till they feel full.
The starving people eat twice as much as the normal person chasing their hunger and they become obese and these unfortunates accumulate twice the toxins in a short time than the norm and they die in their fifties with one or two diseases.
So, the number of toxic modern meals one eats the more the accumulated toxins the quicker the death of the host!
Nothing I repeat nothing to do with age!
I G Farben want all scientists and academics to be fooled into thinking that illness is age related and because they generously fund them the keep their mouths shut from the truth and follow I G Farben’s lead.
Todays illnesses are down to how many meals and quantity the nutrient deficient foodstuffs the unsuspecting British Public devour. Every Meal is toxic and this toxic accumulates meal by meal which in turn weakens our wonderful immune system and that is why Britain is sick!
Our elite, Members of Parliament, Doctors, Professors, Medical researchers are all being sponsored buy I G Farben so keep their mouths shut and refuse to clean the British foodstuffs from the farmer to the plate!
I G Farben has them by the short and curlys, a nice way to explain their greed at the expense of the British Public.
Life, longevity, illness free all depend on our wonderful Human Immune System!
Scientists and Doctors of medicine cannot compete with the Immune System.
It has been documented that more deaths in hospitals are due to treatments than the disease they went in with!
It appears that the Doctors have  a chemistry set and are hell bent on trying something, anything on a unsuspecting patient.
The Doctors went on strike, weekends only, and the death rate went down perceptibly then when they went back to working weekends the death rate rose rapidly up to the norm! No conclusion was offered or acted on this blaring fact!
Weekend death rates were accepted! Murder by trial and error?
The German British NHS system needs to be stopped.
The top four levels sacked. The whole structure replaced with principal attention to the Patient, you know he who pays for it. An emphasis on Nursing and Doctors assisting.
A nurse is someone with natural carers attitude and compassion and being able wipe bottoms if need be. To talk to and get close to the patient when  the say they are feeling good but the nurse does not believe them and overrules the false statement and tends to the real problem. No Doctor has this ability.
The patients welfare is first the Nurse, then the nutritionist and a further poor third the absent Doctor.
Second to the Nurse is the Nutritionists who supervises the diets and keeps the patient free from todays toxic foodstuffs. No reheats, no microwave cooking, no plastic cooking vessels, the list goes on.
However German British NHS foodstuffs have no nutrients and the patients needs are the most required when sick. This is  major reason why there are so many deaths in hospitals.
Sick people need food as a priority to heal. British foodstuffs are all contaminated with toxins and to feed them reheats in Plastic boxes micro waved at very high temperatures is to turn all British Hospitals  into poisonous horror dens.
The German British NHS Hospitals only serve nutrient free, toxic loaded foodstuffs.
The German British NHS Hospital do hot use the services of any Nutritionists.
They say it is the cost! Better the patient dies than properly fund the Kitchen.
Sack the to five layers of the German British NHS. Get I G Farben out of Britain and we will have all the funds necessary to reclaim, revamp the British NHS!
                                    Rule Britannia!
Thought 6


Where can we find Nurses?

Every girl born is a natural mother and a natural Nurse!

There are exceptions of course but low in the numbers.

I find that girls leaving School at 16 years old may already be Mums or soon to be Mums.

They leave School after 11 years with just a basic understanding of the three Rs. 

They get pregnant and give birth to a child and this child is her baby till the day she dies. Yes, when she is ninety and her child is 74 and taller than herself the 74 year old is still her baby.

With no formal education she rears the child to adulthood attending to all the needs throughout it’s life. She guides it through all the trials and tribulations of modern life. She never has to ask how the child or adult is, she just looks and sees the problems. No Doctors have this natural gift. She has compassion and feeling for the welfare of her child. If she has 6 sons she knows who’s underwear and socks is whose. This stems from deep compassion and empathy that cannot be taught. Now I can go on and on but for this exercise this is enough.

Now for her career she lacks academic qualifications though  her credentials are second to none as she is the epitome of a Nurse.

This rich vein is never mined!

This basic educated person with millions of years inherited compassion and natural caring is overlooked by the Nursing Profession in charge of the British Nursing who are themselves chosen for their Academic achievements but still not fit for purpose as Nurses.

They discard the best natural nurses for Technicians

A real Nurse does not need to be taught any thing about Nursing. Cleanliness, Compassion and Empathy, being able to reach like a natural psychologist to the patient and they can see if the patient is responding to the treatment given and if not rightly complain! 

Patients respond to real nurses that show compassion,  empathy and this is a great help in recovery. This is shunned by the German trained British NHS because it is run by academic technicians who have no compassion or empathy.

They allow visitors for compassion reasons but deny their staff to show compassion. So it is deliberate! The mind boggles!

They want Nurses of a scholastic minimum level and teach them not to be Nurses but technicians  devoid of the basic requirement of Nursing!

Nurses save lives. Doctors who just guess by using lethal compounds do not!

The top five levels of NHS Nursing must go!

Nursing is for real people.

The German trained British Nursing administrators seek out Nurses from many countries, and accept then with little English language thus no compassion nor empathy. These nurses do repetitive functions that are easily learned by a sixteen year old and they have no need for a medical back ground. So why do they seek the world over for cheap labour? The answer is in the question.

Get rid of I G Farben’s control of the NHS and the colossal savings would pay British people to take up nursing. Stop the academic block! Get rid of the higher levels of the German trained British NHS  nursing recruitment requirements. Pay British wages fit to maintain a mortgage and a family. Get rid of the high waged personnel!

The people who write the curriculum to choose a candidate to enter into nursing are literate with academic qualifications, been able to answer questions verbatim as taught by their tutors, and get the job to accept or not candidates for Nursing. 

In my short time meeting Nurses I see them as technicians rather than Nurses. This noble status has been stripped from nursing to a level of the Doctors lackey!

Nurses saves lives, Doctors tinker with lives!

Real Nurses like I have met are superior to Doctors especially in the German trained down British NHS staff.

The German trained British Doctors are just drug pushers for I G Farben’s patented drugs thus they are inferior to Nurses.

In a recent strike by Doctors refusing to work weekends in Hospitals in Britain the death  rate went noticeably down and when they got back to work the weekends the death rate went noticeable back up to the norm! 

Does this tell a lesson? No! It went unnoticed by the German British NHS!

My experience of Doctors in the German British NHS was a fleeting visit of how are you then without waiting for an answer they were gone. 

The Nurses did not desert me! I got 7/24 attention from the Nurses and staff. The Doctors were the least interested in me as a patient. Away they went with the bloods and look up “My Patient” to see what I G Farben drug to apply to me! The German trained British Doctors are absentees as Doctors.

We have left the EU and it’s domination so we should get rid of the German I G Farben stranglehold  over the British NHS and their evil teachings of our young people  and produce real Doctors with the right to administer the best medicines to their patents. This alone would more than half the bill for drugs.

Did you know that Boot’s the chemist buys drugs from I G Farben cheaper than the mighty German British NHS!

  Get  rid of the rapist IG Farben and the savings will more than pay the British Nurses more than our pretend Doctors.

Get rid of the top five levels of the existing rotten German British NHS and let Britain regain control of the Mighty NHS. Real Nurses are born mothers and let the ones capable of rising through the ranks of further academic levels be embraced as Doctors of merit if achieved.

We already are being asked by the Government to ask Chemists to prescribe medicines for our ailments cutting out the GPs!

Who in Government is going to save the British NHS?

Who in Government is not already black mailed to protect the German owned British NHS?

We must give credit where it is due and acknowledge Nurses are more important than German trained British NHS taught so called Doctors. Anybody can read “My Patient” put in the symptoms and administer I G Farben’s drugs! A no brainer!

Nurses should get paid more than Doctors

In my Doctors Surgery, Marcham Road, Abingdon OXON the Doctors work as little as half a day and claim full wages while the receptionists work five days a week, longer shifts and get paid less than absentee Doctors! GPs claim they are overworked! 

I got told I had a shadow on my prostate and they offered me a biopsy. I refused on the grounds that it would not be a biopsy but up to 17 biopsies allowing cancer to leak into my body and spread cancers throughout my body.  

The surgeon said he would send my medical records to my G P.

I never heard from my GP. So naturally I thought all was well. But I had been abandoned by the German British NHS without them telling me.

Later, years later, my absentee GP Dr Robson offered me pain killers and as a parting quip said I had terminal cancer! 

That was a shock that stunned me. My cancer surely was progressive and he knew this and never offered alternative medicines that I now know could have saved me!

The first line of defence would have been Intravenous vitamin C which can believe the germanBritish NHS does not know about the great value from Vitamin C!

Then there are many alternative remedies to cull cancer.

But not knowing one has cancer then cancer just multiplies uninterrupted!

What an idiot is this so called Doctor Robson. Should he be struck off? Struck off from what? He does not qualify as anything!

Next stop eating cancerous foodstuffs from the Supermarkets. What cancerous foodstuffs, just look at the added ingredients and weep. Even an 85 year old retired labourer  like me can see that Britain is being systematically poisoned. Each meal you eat or give to your children  is loaded with poisons so slight that you do not notice, except that your children are obese, these poisons are accumulative and constantly weaken your Immune System to such an extent that you are open to any virus including the one we are afraid of, coronavirus. 

The World Doctors are pretending it is a killer of the old and weak, that is it is age related.

It is not age related. 

This rubbish is convenient to keep you from the truth. The truth hurts them in the pocket. 

 Let us analyse the situation.

Why are all these cancerous ingredients in every foodstuffs sold as  fit for human consumption?

All meats, fish, fowl, breads, precooked reheats, cereals even tooth paste, nothing in a supermarket is fit for Human consumption.

Where are our Doctors? They are really I G Farben drug pushers, trained in drugs thus knowing as much as a retired labourer, perhaps.

Why are the Doctors not protesting about the non nutritious foodstuffs passed as safe for Human consumption. Why are they as a medical body not nationally protesting Supermarkets to stop selling drugs that are deliberately targeting and weakening  the wonderful Human Immune System !  

We do not have qualified Doctors in the whole of Europe let alone Britain.

Like Christ who threw out the money lenders from the Church, let us learn from history and throw out I G Farben also known as BIG PHARMA, out of our food chain, out of our NHS.

With a healthy human immune system we can live life free of all diseases.

Man tinkers up in his attic with chemistry and now it is plain for us to see his evil ingredients are poisoning the whole of Mother Earth.

Simple, take away his chemistry set and give him a healthy last breakfast!

I G Farben’s money rules the world. Stop feeding  this monster.

The answer is in education. 

But most Mums gave up education from bad teaching, to fend for themselves. So do not use offensive words like “education”. 

Just point simple facts like;  do not poison your children with Supermarket foodstuffs. Or ; that is why your children are obese. 

Mums are doing your best, but do look at the ingredients clearly marked on all foodstuffs if you have a magnifying glass.

For example Beans on Toast.

First The Beans:

Look at the ingredients in the can. One can of beans. Inside the can, the most ingredients are printed first all the way to the least.

A can of Beans - most is water, then beans, then sugar , then unpronounceable chemicals. 

You just asked for baked beans! 

The sugar is the most deadly unnecessary ingredient that you did not ask for. Sugar is the food of cancer!

The rest are serious chemicals! 

It does not stop there because the can is lined with an oil that is cancerous.

Do not scrape the last beans from the can, you are just adding more cancer into your food.

Now the toast. 

Put white bread or brown bread into your toaster. The heat builds up to scorch the sides of the bread with black to brown appearance, looks good.

What really happens is the bread heats up and the sugars in the bread melt and rise to the surface, boils  and caramelises on the surface. You think that is nice delightful browned bread!  The browning is deadly caramelised sugar.

Sugar caramelised is a more deadly form of sugar and more dangerous than cocaine when used unwisely.

So my greatest breakfast luxury is now denied me. I hate the truth but I will never take or offer beans on toast ever again.

Every thing in the British Supermarkets all good foodstuffs have been poisoned with evil chemicals that even some chemists do not know what they are so why put them into the food stream and the answer is BIG PHARMA insists and with their strangle hold over all Governments we are being systematically slowly but surely poisoning our Immune System so that BIG PHARMA can sell us more synthetic drugs. 

Follow the money and look carefully at your Politicians.

Nutritionists are horrified by todays poisoning of all good food stuffs. But where do we start and worse where do we end!

So simply never eat yesterdays left overs. Why, because to heat food food is to kill of some of the nutrients and vitamins . 

Reheat is to kill off most of the remaining vitamin and nutrients so the food does not feed the bodies needs.

Wait a minute! I was in hospital and was given only reheated   food. Every thing was in a plastic box and was made some 60 miles away. These food manufacturers heats batches of food at higher temperatures then one does at home thus killing most vitamins.

They then freeze and sends the food to Hospitals in plastic boxes. The Hospital staff then reheat from freezing in a plastic container and delivered to me piping hot, too hot to eat, probably microwaved. Cooked in plastic, further serious chemicals!

   You cannot make this up. 

Non nutritious foodstuffs to sick patients in a Hospital?

Recooked in plastic? That alone is cancerous. Here we have Hospitals deliberately poisoning the sick peoples already compromised Immune System.

So whatever their stay in Hospital was, they take home a deliberate further attack on their Immune System.

I keep on saying deliberate attack on the nations immune System but I think in most cases it must be ignorance. Wishful thinking, so I leave it to the reader.

No, Doctors and Nurses are not ignorant so why do they accept being party to this obvious life threatening damage to their  patients. 

Why, why, why. I do not want to explain that obvious conclusion.

Since so called Doctors do not get trained in nutrition then they simple do not know about the main 90% of healthy humans is what they eat! 

I was told in Hospital that I could eat anything. They do not know about nutrition, the basic well being of all creatures on Earth

One with half a brain should teach nutrition first before  teaching the lesser lessons in drugs as their only approach to saving lives. Most deaths in Hospitals are drug related, fact!

My Granny knew more about nutrition than so called Drug Doctors of today!

Nurses are continually monitoring their patients responses to the So Called Doctor’s drugs and they respond to help their patient. The Doctors hide away from their patients. if the patient gets well then good, if the patient deteriorates then what do you expect? Doctors do not know there patients. they hide away in their labs and give the nurses orders.

The so called Doctors may as well be in Timbuctoo for all the use they are at hands on.


Bring back the Matron! Bring back the Florence Nightingale wards. Only employ Nurses with compassion and empathy. Pay Nurses with a living wage and not a slaves wage. A living wage should support a family and a roof over their heads.

Employ Doctors that are fully trained to save lives.

Employ Nutritionists trained in todays toxic environment.

Throw out the food manufacturers that give  sick patients toxic food.

Cleanse the British NHS of I G Farbin. 

Get rid of the top four levels of the I G Farbin’s NHS.