Merkle is Outlawing Natural Health!

Merkle and the German government are banning natural health remedies so that Big Pharmaceutical companies can charge money for pills and drugs which are less effective than natural remedies!




If we follow Merkle and her EU rules, then Britain is complicit in their crimes. When a patient dies from being withheld natural cancer treatment, so that pharmaceutical companies can profit from drug sales, then that is first degree murder; murder for profit! Which we in the UK will effectively be complicit to. We need to pressure May to leave the EU.

Dr. Matthias Rath has written a letter to Merkle and the German government publicly accusing them of deliberately causing death so that they can profit from the Pharmaceutical Drug Trade!

The following has been extracted from  Dr.Rath’s website.

Here is the whole article:


Open Letter by Dr. Matthias Rath to Chancellor Angela Merkel

November 2, 2017

This letter concerns YOU, wherever you live! Email Angela Merkel and tell her you support the demands of this letter!
Reject the German government’s GLOBAL plans and protect your right to natural health! Share this page widely and forward it to politicians in your country!
Read email sent by Paul Anthony Taylor to politicians and political leaders in Germany!

Chancellor Merkel,

I am writing this letter to you because the issues at stake are a matter of life and death for millions of people throughout the world. The German government’s actions play a major role in determining whether these people live or die.

Scientific breakthroughs in the field of natural health enable mankind today to rid itself of some of today’s most widespread epidemics, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. The next great goal uniting all mankind is the termination of these epidemics and making them largely unknown in future generations.

As a medical doctor and scientist, I have been privileged to contribute to breakthroughs towards the control of these two major diseases:

  • Cardiovascular disease is primarily the result of an instability of the artery walls caused by a long-term deficiency of vitamin C and other micronutrients in the human diet. Similar to the sailor’s disease scurvy, vitamin deficiency leads to an impaired production of collagen and other stability molecules. This triggers the depositing of fat molecules (lipoproteins) and other blood ‘risk factors’ as the body’s attempt to repair the structurally compromised blood vessel wall. The overshooting of this repair process leads to the formation of dangerous atherosclerotic plaques. The underlying instability of the blood vessel pipeline is above all exposed in the coronary arteries of the heart, due to the mechanical stress from the continuous pumping of the heart. Thus, this new understanding explains for the first time why millions of people die from heart attacks – and why infarctions of other organs are the exception.This scientific discovery and its far-reaching consequences were supported by two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling in the form of a historic “Call for an International Effort to Abolish Heart Disease”. This new understanding about the true nature of human cardiovascular diseases has since been conclusively confirmed in landmark scientific experiments, opening the door to a significant reduction of heart attacks and strokes for generations to come.
  • Cancer is characterized by the destruction of body tissue surrounding cancer cells, thus facilitating their invasion and metastasis to other organs. This process is mediated by the uncontrolled digestion of collagen and other connective tissue molecules by enzymes that are also used by healthy cells, albeit under strict biological control. Our research has identified key micronutrients that are able to block this uncontrolled process of cancer cell spread by natural means.

Due to the far-reaching global consequences of these scientific contributions to human health, I consider it incumbent upon me to address you with this letter. By choosing the form of an Open Letter I am making sure that its contents also reach political decision takers and the people of the world.

In the 25 years since these discoveries were published they have been comprehensively confirmed both at our own scientific research institute and also by other research institutions. The total number of published studies documenting the health benefits of micronutrients has grown exponentially since that time and now comprises tens of thousands, as documented in the medical online libraries of the world. Among the studies documenting the health benefits of micronutrients, the following have drawn worldwide attention:

Natural control of cardiovascular disease:

  • In 2004, an analysis of 9 studies with 293,172 participants over a period of 10 years showed that vitamin C intake above 700 mg per day resulted in a 25% decrease of the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In 2005, a study at the Charité University Clinic in Berlin documented the benefits of micronutrient supplementation in significantly improving heart-pumping function in patients suffering from heart failure.
  • In 2013, the evaluation of 18 clinical studies with over 240,000 participants documented that high vitamin C blood levels resulted in a 38% reduction in the risk for stroke.

Natural control of cancer:

  • In 2005, a study by scientists of the U.S. National Institutes of Health confirmed that vitamin C is effective against cancer, particularly when applied intravenously.
  • In 2017, the precise mechanisms explaining how vitamin C reprograms cancer cells to commit suicide (apoptosis) were scientifically deciphered using blood cancer (leukemia) cells.

Since you took office as the Chancellor of Germany in 2005, you have failed to make even one attempt to support and implement these scientific breakthroughs into public health policy. By ignoring these important developments in human health, you contributed to the continuation of the epidemic scope of these diseases. Behind the smokescreen of alleged ‘side effects’, the pharmaceutical lobby in medicine, the media and politics, systematically attacked these breakthroughs in natural health. With more than 100 lawsuits targeting our research and also myself as a scientist, these special interests tried to stop the progress in science-based natural health. The scope of these attempts surpasses the opposition of the status quo to any other scientific advance in the history of medicine.

Your silence during all those years may have been no coincidence.

  • At the national level, you and the German government have been imposing restrictive laws and regulations on natural health with one goal only – to protect the pharmaceutical business with high-priced patented drugs. These protectionist laws aim at A) keeping the permitted levels of micronutrients for personal consumption arbitrarily low, B) essentially banning the recommendation of micronutrients as effective preventive and therapeutic options for millions of patients and, most appallingly, C) maintaining global disease markets as the foundation of the pharmaceutical investment business.Now, plans are being discussed that would outlaw the entire profession of naturopathic doctors in Germany and, no doubt, force other countries through political pressure to follow this irresponsible decision. Under the pretext of ‘improving the quality of healthcare’, the plan to eliminate natural health therapists as implementers of science-based natural therapies would, again, simply serve the interests of the pharmaceutical investment business – and deprive millions of people of effective and affordable healthcare options.
  • At the European level, through your influence on the Brussels EU, you and the German government have made every effort to extend this ban on science-based natural therapies to cover the entire European continent. As a consequence, more than 43,700 out of 44,000 documented health benefits of natural health approaches (i.e. 99.3%) were arbitrarily outlawed by a so-called ‘regulation’ issued by the unelected EU Commission. No democratically elected national parliament in Europe had a chance to say ‘No’ to these imposed ‘regulations’. These protectionist measures for the pharmaceutical business have become binding law throughout Europe, thus preventing 500 million people from receiving comprehensive health information.
  • At the global level, you and the German government have been making intensive efforts to extend this ban on natural therapies across the planet. Realizing that the rapidly emerging field of natural health science is threatening the global market of patented synthetic drugs, your protectionist efforts have been expanding worldwide. Towards this end, you and the German government have hosted committee meetings of the so-called ‘Codex Alimentarius Commission’. Under the pretext of establishing global nutritional standards, this international political body has been, in fact, a pressure group driven by pharmaceutical interests to impose a ban on natural therapies worldwide.Moreover, under your pressure the Brussels EU is trying to establish so-called ‘free trade agreements’, economically and legally binding every region of the world to these interests. An essential part of these agreements is the so-called ‘harmonization of trade standards’. This deceptive term is used to justify extending the appalling ban of natural therapies to essentially every country in the world. Since the people of any nation would reject such outright strangulation of their national health care, these ‘free trade negotiations’ are being conducted in strict secrecy, outside the eyes of the public.

The contradiction between tens of thousands of scientific publications documenting the health benefits of micronutrients, on one side, and your efforts to block this development to protect the pharmaceutical export business, on the other, is evident. Continuing to protect an industry that is dependent on the expansion of diseases – as its multibillion markets – is no longer a responsible political option.

Over the past decade, you ignored the public health threat of diesel cars in order to protect the global interests of the German car export industry. Thus far, you have not been held legally responsible, despite the fact that statistics now show that diseases caused by air pollution are responsible for two-thirds of the 9 million pollution-related deaths that occur worldwide every year.

Ignoring the progress of natural health science is likely to have different consequences for you and any other political decision taker who disregards the available scientific evidence. Now, when it is absolutely clear that vitamin C selectively kills cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed, this scientific fact becomes a highly political issue. I call upon you and political decision takers around the world to promote this knowledge in order to improve the health of your people and protect them from the harmful and unnecessary side effects of conventional approaches such as chemotherapy.

Failure to act will expose you – and other politicians – to being held responsible for gross negligence. Moreover, continuing to obstruct the implementation of life-saving knowledge in natural health by political means is maliciously risking the health and lives of millions and, therefore, would meet the criteria of a crime against humanity.


Dr Matthias Rath signing the open letter

What is at stake are the lives of millions of people and the opportunity to save billions in healthcare costs!

With this letter, I urge you and your government to:

  1. Stop putting the multibillion-dollar profit interests of pharmaceutical multinationals and drug exporting nations above the health interests of the people of the world.
  2. Stop promoting bans on natural therapies and seeking to outlaw health claims for science-based natural health approaches.
  3. Stop imposing the irrationally restrictive laws of Germany in the field of natural health on the healthcare systems of other nations under the veil of international ‘free trade’ agreements.
  4. Stop seeking a ban on professions that specialize in science-based natural and preventive health approaches.

I also urge you and your government to promote natural and preventive healthcare as the basis of any effective and affordable healthcare system by:

  1. Promoting research in natural and preventive health through government funding –independent of the pharmaceutical investment industry – at all levels of the existing medical system.
  2. Promoting the establishment of new national and international research centers that conduct independent natural health research with a focus on a wide spectrum of diseases, including rare conditions.
  3. Promoting preventive health education at all levels from primary school to advanced education.
  4. Promoting preventive healthcare centers in every community that focus on public health education and consultation as cornerstones of a new healthcare system.
  5. Promoting and expanding the role of doctors and health professionals specializing in science-based natural and nutritional health.
  6. Promoting science-based effective natural health products as the basis for preventive and therapeutic approaches to public healthcare, reimbursed by health insurers.

I am calling on the political decision takers of the world at local, regional, national and international level to implement these demands.

I am calling on the people of the world to support these demands and make sure that they are implemented worldwide – in the interest of this generation and all future generations of mankind.


Dr. Matthias Rath
2 November, 2017

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