MEP Pay scandal 2.

How much are we paying these EU MEP Ministers and more importantly what do we get for the money?

What is their function?

With the ever fraudulent charges of mis-use of their wages, time and expenses that they do not have to itemise, detail, no receipts or account leaves the people of Britain disgusted.

We read that in 1.756 billion euros per year in 2014 was the total cost of the EU Parliament. ( Wikipedia)

MEP’s earn some of the highest salaries paid to Politicians in the world at £90,576 a year in sterling at current exchange rate.

Plus: On top of this MEPs receive a general allowance of £46,680 a year and £257,974 in annual staff allowance. The MEPs do not need to declare how they spend the money!

Plus each MEP can claim travel allowance of £3,675 and £275 for each day they sign the register in Brussels or Strasbourg.

This amounts to £395,230 per year per MEP.


In the UK alone we have 73 MEPs paid around £395,230 per year each. So the total in wages to UK MEPS is :

73 X £395,230 =  

£28,851,790 per year!!!

Who are they? What do they do?

There are currently 705 MEPs as of 29th May 2019. 

So £395,230 X 705 = 

£277,637,150 per year!!!

This tops all industries because it is all expense and no return on investment, no responsibilities!

Oh, I did not include their pensions. Don’t ask.


The EU employs more than 55,000 non elected staff from its 28 member states. 

The majority work for the European Commission, non-elected,  which employs about 33,000 officials, temporary staff, contract staff, and special advisers.

Salaries range from €2,400 (£1,856) to €18,000 (£13,922) per month.

Average this out at a higher than mean at £ 9,000 per month

This equates to £9.000 times 12 equals £108,000.

Now ramp this up to 33,000 and this equals £3,564,000,000 and we still have to pay the other 22,000 wages on top of this!

Plus the upkeep of Brussels Parliament building and The Strasburg Building. Another unknown expense!

Put the two together:






plus another 22,000 wages. An unknown quantity = £X

What do we get from this money, straight bananas?

To support 705 MEP’s we pay MEPs  £53,200.047.00 !

The amounts we use in our calculations are derived from printed literature, so the exact figures are not ours. I say this because we have seen different figures banded around. Who should you believe?

Why do we not get definitive costs? It suggests that there is rampant fraud afoot!

Ask, how much voting power collectively have the 73 British have in percentage to justify this colossal expense?


Assuming Brexit goes ahead and the UK leaves on October 31.

Part year payment to British MEPs who would take their seats on July 2 and earn £45,752 directly and £85,991 for staff salaries over the next four months. They would enjoy a paid holiday from July 25 to September 2.

The EU have said publicly that it will drag out another two to three years to negotiate the divorce. Further raping the EU countries but not the EU Parliament! This they have said on video with great delight. They openly laugh at Britain even though we are still in the EU. They openly on video have said that there will never be a deal, only a no deal to blackmail the other countries that are lining up to leave.

A great job of jollies for the boys and sod the ignorant tax payer. The EU Parliament and Strasbourg seem divorced from the EU. They are just a cash cow for the members.

However, in the increasingly unlikely scenario of MPs approving a version of the withdrawal agreement by the end of June our MEPs will neither take their seats nor draw a salary.

But if Britain extends its departure date another two months beyond October 31, its MEPs will be entitled to an end-of-term allowance worth a month of pay for each year served.

That would mean an extra £3,774. See way we cannot trust our MEPs.

Meanwhile, 21 new seats have been shared out among EU countries in expectation of the UK leaving.

When the British MEPs take their seats, the 21 European candidates will have to wait for the UK to go before they can take office.

The mind boggles at this amount of money going nowhere.

Do you know your MEP?

Do they clock in as you do?

Do they have to submit receipts as you do?

Do they pay tax on their wages and expenses as you do?

Have you seen Brussels in action? look at YouTube.

705 maximum sitting there and only three or four speak!

The most speeches come from the unelected!

Boris’s claim for the NHS is pocket money from our savings from the EU!