Some thoughts on immigration.

If people en mass are prepared to trek thousands of miles knowing that they will probably lose some of their family through starvation and hardship, then the civilised world should step in and take over the country they are vacating and declare it a failed state. 

The first world countries should reorganise this state into a safe civilised nation. 

What about the Middle East?

Should we take over countries because of the evil atrocities due to religion. So should we ban their religions?

Foreigners are taking advantage of our National Health without paying into the system and so now the service is greatly reduced.

There are too many people getting into the country so that our own own people do not have a place to live. We are over populated and we are letting in people from all over the world with different cultures and giving them a place to live whilst we have our own people living in streets and doorways.

We should get immigrants to live in their own country so they are not trying to come here.

Should we step in when a nation is treating their own people badly?



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