How the common people are being abused

A cabal of power brokers. These run the EU above Brussels power. This is the role of I. G. Farben the power of money and money begets power. Power over the greedy parliamentarians. They are prepared to sell their souls and country for a pot of silver.
Tesco as an example of the greed of our ruling classes.
Tesco made a new rule to existing staff about “over time”. That banned. Night shift overtime was now banned. This was about five years ago, easy for some one to find out when if they want exact date.
This resulted in women shelf fillers on night shift, the unsociable hours payments losing some £300 per week. Effective immediately. They employed foreign labour to do this extra unsociable working hours at flat time rates.
The women found that these rates were just the same as day workers and so many left. Mums, with family commitments were unfortunate and had to accept with no redress.
Later the nightshift workers who had for years filling just one aisle were instructed to fill two isles for the same money.
Twice as much work per shift for the same money!
This effectively meant that their hourly rate of pay was halved. An example logically is instead of the basic minimum wage of say £7.30 they were getting £3.65 per hour.
Then several months later their shift hours were docked by two hours for the same output.
This means that they lost 2 hours which is 2/7th hours for the same output. Work out yourself how much they are getting paid by the hour. Fifty % plus 2/7ths = slavery.
To make things worse they were forced to sign away their rights to protest. They were forced to sign away a gagging order from making this abomination public!
Who gets the benefit from this slavery? Tesco!.
Who can work for these sub subsistence wages? Foreigners who live in communes, 10 or so to a house for cheap running costs but even better by sending sterling overseas to leverage the power of the exchange to the level many times the buying power. These lowly paid workers in Britain were high middle class people in their own country. The great loss of sterling gone overseas is not recognised by our Parliamentarians because they are in this upper class that is raping, in such a short time, Britain while they are stashing away their ill gotten gains overseas.
According to PM Wilson this is a cancer to the British economy. Remember when he made a law that people going on holiday could only take a maximum £50.00 out of the country? Now we are losing sterling in the magnitude the payments to the EU to build up failing countries in the EU to take up the British jobs.
What a down ward spiral! Britain will become a dormitory for the rich EU leaders. The common man will have to leave the British shores to seek work.
What am I saying, workers are leaving Scotland, Ireland and Wales for over two centuries to find work and a better life!
I suppose I should say “ What’s new?”.
What is new is that I do not want to German or ruled by Germany as is the EU Brussels parliament.
Britain’s ruling class are traitors to Britain and traitors to the common man.
It is noted that many Lords of Britain were all for Hitler. The Nazi element is not only German.
The Nazi’s never left.
I have more than halved my purchases with Tesco. But I should think that there are many more “TESCOs” raping the common man.
Have you noticed the rise in council workers? There are more office workers than men implementing the work they device.

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  1. EU is a power unto themselves and are not functioning for the common people. The rulers of the EU are non-elected politicians!!!!!

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