The true evil face of the EU

Before one votes on Brexit one has to understand the EU.

The link below will tell you the truth about the EU

The truth about the Conservative Party leading on to the following.

To ask the unenlightened Public to vote then one has to make sure that every one of the Public knows in depth what the EU really is!

To ask the Public to vote on a subject that they have not been informed in depth about, the EU, was deliberate Parliamentary deception on the Public. 

As Parliaments are always voted in by a false majority, that is a majority Party but not a majority overall. Thus always a minority is in power. Taking this once more as the unclean ignorant common man normally does not bother to vote but the Conservative Party Members vote en mass then it is a fair bet that the Conservatives would get the majority vote to stay in the EU. 

Also, to hedge their bet, they put in the unexpected leave vote a Conservative mole, the clown Boris to either sabotage the leave campaign or lead it by deception to tongue in cheek to stay in the EU.

I look at Cameron and Boris, childhood mates and University mates and Conservative mates linked together to rule Britain. I qualify Mates ; the rich orphaned Public School products of the elite class. A class born to lead and own Britain. Hard to believe that this minority throughout history has triumphed over the vast majority. 

Classic, if we do not know our history then we will repeat it.

To their horror they failed to deceive the Public to remain in the EU but worse they have deliberately kept us in the EU against the instruction of British voters for more than three years.The EU continually tell Britain that there will never be deal and they are adamant the Britain cannot legally leave the control and dominance of the EU. 

In past years the EU have slipped in snippets of legal binding legislations amongst the innocuous laws that our European Members of Parliament were not aware of, that collectively seemingly innocuous laws are binding, selling Britain to the EU, that they ratified in their ignorance. Our ignorant European Members will have to account for themselves for selling Britain to The German EU.

 Too many wet lunches and absenteeisms.

The traitorous Prime Minister defied the countries instruction to leave and for more than three years she has held into the membership of the EU with a pathetic excuse to try to get a deal that was never on the EU table! During this deliberate lengthy delay to leave, the EU has been organising the withdrawal of many British businesses and using British money to build factories to take our trade from us.

I think history will, not only show Mrs May as the worse Prime Minister ever but also as a traitor to Britain. She and her Cabinet Ministers will also be named and shamed for ever.

First one has to understand in depth the structure and aim of the EU. It is for complete dominance and non democratic control by the German EU, enforced by the new continent’s army under the leadership of the Nazis.

Already they have decided on the countries of Europe will be fore ever know as the European Union under a new flag, a new anthem and enforced by the German dominated EU army. 

The Nazis never left!

Already they had told Southern Ireland they could not leave even though the electorate voted to leave.

Now they are telling Britain that they cannot leave when the British electorate voted to leave. The threats and humiliation is daily. They are trying to break up the United Kingdom of Britain and appear to be achieving this. The Nazi Germany is already showing that Britain is not a Nation. While the British Parliament is sleeping, the EU is building factories, at our expense, to quickly take over our  industries whilst our Parliament are pretending to be unaware of these facts. 

Hundreds of businesses have already left. We do not have a car industry, we merely cheaply build German and Japanese cars. At this time we should be opening up our steel factories and taking over the car assembly factories to build our own cars and vans and no foreign cars allowed into Britain.

Leaving the EU gets our fisheries and waters back to Britain. 

Todays foods full of cancerous pesticides and herbicides, the soils ruined by chemicals produced by I G Farben and now the GMOs are replacing good natural healthy products. We owe it to our children, our future, to have a healthy diet and environment. Already scientists are predicting in the near future that parents will out live their children because of the toxic food we feed our children.

Our priority should be to protect our children, our future.

I G Farben and the Oil cabal are the elite above 

Governments and this Third World War is not being fought with guns and bombs but by controlling the health of Nations. At any time they can withdraw their chemicals that they have polluted the soils and dominate us by hunger!

 Scientists have already informed us that in the very near future that parents will out live their children. BIG PHARMA is poisoning Britain by design. Control the health then control the populace, the once upon a time countries.

The Poles are leaving like the rats abandoning a sinking ship! Wake up Britain before it is too late. Europe is preparing to scuttle Britain forever and every days delay we get weaker.

No European Member of Parliament has an effective vote! Too many factors with diversified views let in the small organised minority as a block vote. Simple math! Do you not see the wisdom in this structure? O K. 

In Britain we are ruled by a minority Party. This in turn is ruled by an even smaller party called a Cabinet dozen or so and if any one of the cabinet disagrees with the Prime Minister they are replaced by some one who agrees with the Prime Minister. Boiling all that down to a Dictatorship of one!

Thus no democracy!

So Britain is not a democracy, what’s new!

The two elitists, Cameron and Boris, both Etonians, Oxford University, Parliamentarians then Prime Ministers as they have been groomed to be all their lives. To Hell with the commoners, this rabble should be thankful to have the elitists as their Kings.

Now insult upon insult we have the court clown as our master as our Prime Minister.

His CV: So many blunders, if each one was committed by any other Minister that one would be sent to the Back Benches and never given another Cabinet Post. What did the elitists do, you know that silent group above the Westminster Parliament,  - They gave him another Cabinet Post and Mayor of London. Unbelievable! 

The two of them are obviously puppets of the unseen elite, you know, those secret society who bugger pigs for a laugh. Do Pedophilia stoop this low?

Another thought to bear in mind, the BBC’s repeated reports that the Leavers had too small a majority margin to be conclusive for all. Because, I lack specific figures please allow me to use rough figures. 

Say, 60 million people voters. Four million do not vote. 56 million votes to count.

The vote passes to leave by I.2 million. The Remainers say this is too small an opposition so there should be another referendum. 1.2 million sway is not good enough for an accepted majority. But: 56 million less 1.2 million leaves 54.4 million. Half of 54.4 is 27.2 each cancelling votes.

Therefore the vote to leave is 27.2+1.2 = 28.4 million to leave. Quite a different story now. 28.4 million is a massive vote to leave. The BBC and the rest of the media should now be held to scrutiny for deliberately mis leading the Public.

Who pulls their strings?

The Prime Minister of Britain was voted in by how many votes? I believe the Prime Minister of Britain, the leader of Britain should be voted to office by the peoples of democratic Britain. Democratic? What is the definition of democratic? Oxford dictionary of course not Westminster dictionary.

Knowing the facts of the EU and it’s purpose only then can one have an informed and correct reason to vote for or against the EU.

How the EU have hidden their stitch up laws inside the thousand of red herrings, the thousands of new laws that the unelected IG Farben’s 50,000 employees have beavered to pass to Brussels.

Now we can really name and shame or honour the people of Britain who have led  Britain to this disastrous British sell off!

At this stage to name them one has to qualify the facts and only give an opinion.

How this ties up with the British NHS under I G Farben’s complete rule, I G Farben’s NHS!

Throw out I G Farben from the National Health Society and train our young Doctors to be holistic Doctors who can embrace the new medicines and cures that are available throughout the world.

All research in British Universities and Hospitals to remain in British ownership.