Nigel Farage makes stark warning about Boris Johnson's Brexit pledge

13th Aug 2109

Nigel Farage has used his LBC radio show to make a stark warning that with Boris Johnson as PM the UK could be in the EU until 2021.

The Brexit Party leader pointed out that Johnson has now said that the UK would leave the single market and the customs union "in the next couple of years".

"The next couple of years, you said 31st of October do or die," Farage retorted.

He went on to say this was Johnson's "first watering down" of "everything Boris said."

Farage went on to say it was "effectively" a transition or implementation period and warned that "under Boris" the UK could "still be in the single market, still be in the customs union, unable to negotiate any trade deals.

He continued: "No doubt [the UK will be] paying over, far more, than £39bn. And we could still be in the EU in 2021."

"I think people might be in for a little bit of a shock. I really do think that what Boris Johnson is going to do is to try to bring back Mrs May's deal, that new European treaty. Rebrand it, reheat it, try and sell it to the Commons and the British people as some wonderful new British deal. Maybe [he will' even put that to a general election, and if he does that there's very little difference between hime and Mrs May. Let's hope I'm wrong."