European Union Explained

Man is the world’s worst, most evil, destructive predator.

All creatures on Earth have this defence/attack mechanism built into them for preservation.

But Man who has a higher intelligence should understand this primeval urge and control it. But alas no.

It starts with defence of family then family groups. It expands from clans to districts to countries. All defending themselves from each other and then attacking each other.

Now since the world has become increasingly smaller so countries are uniting to match in size and sustainability and thus the advent of uniting all small states in one large defensible force.

States in Russia uniting , states in China uniting, states in America uniting and now states in Europe uniting. What next? Africa uniting, Asia uniting?

We see Russia crushing and taking over surrounding states as is China without their consent.


Well EU is doing the same to Britain with their blackmail tactics.


EU is trying to break up Britain.


British parliament is pretending to be asleep to this unretrievable position,


The nations of Britain do not see this is a ploy to weaken themselves into submission of whatever the Nazis demand.


The nations of Britain do not see that they are reducing themselves to become small satelite counties of Europe. Places of no consequence.

Man is prepared to do or die till there is only one man standing and that is the end of mankind. This is inevitable, that mankind will self destruct, it is only a question of when.

Now Russsia and America are sizing themselves up for dominance with China suddenly preening themselves as equal opponents.

Nazi Germany is is rallying Europe to unit as another world class opponent but their structure is complete German dominance of the group and this is not being accepted by Britain.

When the world becomes six or seven world powers then the only strength will be nuclear and the end of mankind because it is the nature of mankind to self destruct. If we cannot have what we want ,then to hell with the rest then one selfish idiot will press the button. Hitler would have done it!

So, the birth of European Unity.

So at this time it is sensible to unite under the umbrella of United Europe. I cannot help thinking “ nearer to God are we”. I hope there is such a place as heaven but I doubt it.

So, today we should accept the unification of Europe. But to extend our life we have to structure this unification with careful planning so that some nutter does not get the over riding vote to press the button.

We see that the European Union is being controlled by an unelected few who we suspect are controlled by a higher elite of unelected. Who are they? I think they are I G Farben.

Who is I G Farben? 

Then instigators of two world wars. These instigators distance themselves from any liability for the destruction of the world and are at it again, as the saying goes too clearly “The Nazis never left?”

Again; United Europe is at this time a good idea but never if it is run by I G Farben or their Nazi spawn.

The EU is run by unelected people who happen to be I G Farben employees!

We see videos of Brussels parliament openly laughing at Britain, not on BBC or British media but on Youtube!

Lets get Europe united but by a civilised control system. Have council that can be held responsible for their errors. Lets get a re-election system working and only those people making the rules and have transparency behind the rules. Lets revamp Brussels and take away their blackmail fear tactics.

The rebuild will be very complicated but at least make it honest. Never allow dictators! A lengthy process but a positive process.

 Free the British NHS from the control of I G Farben and thus open up the new Doctors to alternative cures thus making them Doctors as we expect them to be and not just I G Farben drug pushers.

EU will never give Britain a fair deal because they know that other nations will follow Britain, hence the collapse of the EU as it is today.

Their ploy is simple, no deal. This really is to blackmail all other members of the EU not to dare leave.

The Achilles Heel in their plan is the Irish North/South border. They know the Irish still think they own Ireland. Ireland is correctly known as EU Southern Ireland.

If they can bluff the Northern Ireland to have no order then Northern Ireland will rightly be know as EU Northern Ireland.

If this happens Britain will be broken, that is divided.

Britain will have to put up barriers to EU United Ireland and that means all the Irish in civil Engineering will have to leave England. No Dog or Horse racing from EU Ireland, no meat and veg from EU Ireland. Try that on the Irish!

This is PM May’s trump card and she does not know it or does not want to air it. She thinks that the British people are too thick to see that she really is trying to stop Brexit.