EU is a brand name of a private company. 


This private company (EU) is purely for the corporate interest, oil and drug cartels and pharmaceutical companies. These appoint Executives, Legislatives  the  EU Commission, and the President. Thus non of them are elected by the MEPs.

Below this level are the MEPs who have no power to legislate or to disagree with the EU company.

Lets examine European Union as presented.

European is a word that has nothing to do with Europe.

Union is a word nothing to do with united anything.

Thus "European Union" is merely a symbol or logo of a company.


The European Union is a misnomer intended to fool the common man into thinking that it is a union of countries in Europe, when in fact it is a private company who have allowed European countries to join individually but merely as a afilliates with no powers to make rules, laws or conditions.

Each country is a vassal state of the EU: a holder of land by feudal tenure on conditions of homage and allegiance, a person or country in a subordinate position to another.

We are invited to invest in them but not take the rewards or control how our money is spent.

This is rather like a football club. The owners allow the managers to to buy and sell players but these decisions are vetted by the owners.

The owners also allow share holders to invest, but not control how the club is run.

The owners are not elected, just like the people who run the EU.

The fans do not vote for the manager, just like the MEPS do not vote for their bosses. Thus the powerless MEPs are just window dressing.

HOWEVER, unlike a football club, the  'EU' (a private company) is funded by involuntary contributions by the tax payer.

The football fans can decide not to pay and go to the football games. We cannot do the equivilent in the EU.

In fact we have to abide by their laws which would be alikened to if we did not pay to go to the match the police would knock on our door and demand the money or drag us off to prison!

We voted to leave the EU three years ago and yet are still in the EU which is proof that Britain has no control of the EU or even control of Britain!

The members of parliament whose job was to obey the instructions of the people to leave the EU but have deliberately not done this job should not be paid for the last three years. We paid them to do a job, they didn't do it so they should not be paid. The public should demand a full refund of their wages and expenses. This would happen if it were a private company.

Who sold Britain to this private company (the EU)

The common man and woman does not even get a right when we vote for it!