Germany has now openly stated that the EU should have an Army. 

Years ago Dr Rath predicted that IG Farben, the Germany elitists had thought this plan out and now it is a reality.

If Brexit becomes Brexit then the EU will have serious problems to keep the EU together. Understanding that Ireland,Spain, Greece and  Italy realise they can not service their debts to the EU thus being either bankrupt or let the German Nation take complete control of their countries and Parliaments. These debts were forced onto them by the EU German interests bailing them out by forcing them to take on loans that they never could service. 

The loans were in reality to pay the German Businesses and German Banks leaving the countries bound up with hellish debts that they never could repay, hence heavily indebted to Germany and not the EU.

This creates them in Germany’s pocket and their votes in the EU.

Heil Germany!

The world is in turmoil as we see many countries migrating at an alarming volume and this is a precursor to mass instability and financial collapse. Fear and hunger begets WARs.

States in Russia, China, Africa, South America, Korea, Europe are all violent disarray and this results in the strongest wins.

 Russia is expanding, China is expanding, Europe Union’s Army will declare a seat at the top table and America will have to militarily defend its borders.

Britain will be isolated in the power game and vulnerable to the Third World war from Germany.

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