The EU is the exact design how Hitler was going to control Europe and then the World.

Each country that was self sufficient would be stripped of essential  commodities and thus make them all

To illustrate what this means is as follows. Britain would lose all Manufacturing, Gas, Oil, Fishery. Coal and Sterling. Then Britain would be dependent on EU to provide these necessary elements. Such a British state ( no longer a country but merely a state of Europe) would never be able to break away from the Nazi EU domination.

All taxes would go to Germany and they would control the new states their way. They would make a new currency and it would be under Germany control thus no one could break away if they did not have currency as you saw with the Irish vote to leave.

 BREXIT finds Britain is already a vassal state of EU and is being prohibited by stealth never to leave the EU in spite of the British vote to leave!

Ireland vote to leave and they then found that the EU forced them to stay and submit to the tyranny of the EU.

Britain vote to leave but British Government, with the Nazi heel on their throat, have decided to delay and stay in spite of the democratic vote to leave. Whilst the three year delay the EU have been striping Britain of many businesses and PM May is the EU mole for the EU!

Westminster Parliament obviously does not run Britain as a democracy but for their own financial benefits. P M May is sacking any Cabinet Ministers that do not agree with her. This is a dictatorship, this is treason! 

All taxes would go to Germany and they would control the new states their way. They would make a new currency and it would be under Germany control thus no one could break away if they did not have currency.


Let us look at Jean-Claude Juncker

Brussels EU Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker

Once Brussels EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker denounced EU Parliament As “Ridiculous” before he was a Commissioner! Now, well, follow the money and observe the turncoat.

At least theoretically, the Brussels EU Commission is supposed to be under the control of the Brussels EU Parliament.

The bloated Brussels EU bureaucracy has a total of 7 presidents, none of whom are elected by citizens at this European level.

The Brussels EU is NOT a democracy

If the ultimate power no longer resides with the people, democracy becomes dictatorship.


Let us analyse the EU

Who are the elite, the real controllers of the EU. These are big corporations that are hidden from the peoples sight. Big money buys, corrupts and rules. Their key power is that they have more money than most countries put together.

Oil is massive and essential as is Big PHARMA’s control over health.

Corporate Interests: 

Oil and Drug Cartels control the Executives of EU


Executive and legislative Level.

Appoints EU Commissioners and Presidents


Commission controls legislative Process: 


EU Parliament have no right for independent lawmaking!

The people, unlike in a true democracy, in the EU the power no longer resides with the people!

It is a dictatorship as Hilter planned.

Had the Brussels EU been genuinely interested in reform, it could have implemented a proper democratic approach years ago. Time and again, however, when faced with evidence that it doesn’t have the support of European citizens, the construct has proven itself utterly incapable of change. A classic example of this occurred following the rejection of the so-called ‘EU Constitution’ by France and the Netherlands in national referendums held in 2005. Intended to be an ‘Enabling Act’ for the Brussels EU to consolidate its power over Europe, the text of this Constitution created the basis for a system of European government that is fundamentally undemocratic.

In any real democracy, the rejection of a constitution through referendums would have been taken as a clear lack of support from citizens. Instead, however, in a typically undemocratic Brussels EU response, 96 percent of the text was simply repackaged and renamed as the Lisbon Treaty.

The only European country that was subsequently given a vote on the new so-called Lisbon Treaty was Ireland – and even this was merely because it was required to do so under its own national constitution. So in June 2008 it was the turn of the people of Ireland to deliver a resounding shock to the Brussels EU by voting ‘No’.

But the Brussels EU once again refused to accept this and Ireland was asked, no told to vote again.

Crucially, however, in preparation for its second vote on the Treaty, Ireland’s guidelines on media impartiality were altered in such a way that commercial radio and television stations did not have to give equal airtime to both sides of the debate. As a result, the Irish people voted ‘Yes’ in the revote in October 2009 and the Lisbon Treaty passed into Brussels EU law 2 months later. So much for European democracy.

Then earlier this year, Jean-Claude Juncker admitted that Britain’s decision to quit the Brussels EU was a failure and a tragedy for the construct. Given the bloc’s ongoing refusal to engage in any meaningful democratic reform, the fact that Juncker and his colleagues found Brexit at all surprising is arguably one of the most ridiculous things of all.

Now Britain is being treated, like Ireland with the same “No Deal” from the EU!

History repeating itself. Will we never learn from history?

The Germans have learned from history that Bombs and Murder in two World Wars did not succeed, so they are now waging war by stealth using Hitlers plan to control Europe. With Oil and Pharmceutical power to control votes!

Reference: “The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU”

The EU, thats us as well, have bankrupted Grease, Italy, Ireland, Spain and others to bring them to the heel of Germany and not the EU. Who dares to object gets the same penalty.

This is why Britain will not get a fair or any deal. Jean-Claude Juncker remit is obvious to ensure that Britain gets “NO DEAL” so why does PM May insist on snivelling to this EU No Deal” to be changed.

The longer the delay the EU is already lining up, building empty factories in the EU Countries with our money to smoothly transfer British jobs into the EU.

This delay is raping Britain, week by week and using British money to achieve this crime!

Britain is sleep walking to disaster designed by Nazi EU and Westminster Parliament is deliberately allowing it by having no contingency plan ready. Again the British media and press are guilty as they were in Ireland!

We should learn from history, not ignore it!

One has to got to Youtube on the internet to see the argument for BREXIT, why?

BREXIT is the will of Britain and the press, medias are guilty of treason. The BBC, you know the British peoples TV station is guilty of treason. We must sack the top five layers of the BBC now.

We should assist the Steel industry and make our own cars, vans and lorries in the empty factories. Dump all foreign vehicles. We can build cars, vans, lorries, buses and motor bikes.

We can get Big Pharma, you know I G Farben out of the NHS and start to cure illnesses instead of treating fore ever the symptoms. Teach our Doctors to become competent Doctors. Allow them to cure Cancer!

As in the Irish lesson the open mockery, the insulting remarks about Westminster Parliament and no British retaliation. The open laughing at P M May and the Westminster Parliament and no objection from Westminster parliament beggars belief.

The only conclusion is that Westminster Parliament is one hundred percent with the EU and against the wishes of Britain. Do they have second and third homes in Europe? Follow the money.

We only have two Members of Parliament defending BREXIT. The insipid quiet Rees-Mogg and the idiot Boris reading off someone else’s script.

Delay is the EU’s strength.

The Queen should dissolve Parliament before the German E U Army marches into Britain.