BREXIT Let’s get clear what Brexit means.

Look up and the open “Brexit”.

Then open

Then scroll down his cancer cures till on the right hand side you see “tags”

Here you can open “BREXIT” for a complete explanation of why we should leave the EU.

Open up “Brussels EU” and see Hitlers EU was funded by I G Faben to completely dominate EU by controlling the health of all the EU States.

Then weep!

Then read my take on this unbelievable, sad and evil situation.

The British people are brain washed by the Governments of the day, the media and the press. These evil entities are run by a few elitists that are above them.

Have you noticed that no presentation ever defends Brexit, the peoples choice not to be rule by Nazi Germany.

MP May needs your support!

The British parliamentarians and the Media tell us that the only option is  to stay.


Because they have all decided to accept Nazi domination. Because they already know that they have sold out Britain to the EU. The E U have a strangle hold over Britain and will, as Nazi conquerers, starve and destroy us so that no other nation dare leave the German EU.

I leave it up to you to question my take on this E U destruction of Britain, or war, (did you know that we are still members of the E U and already they have put the jack boot into us) so please ask WHY.

Why are our allies declaring war on us will we still are members?

Are they our allies or are they Nazi enemies?

You were commanded to vote “IN or OUT” of the EU without explaining what this entails.

After two years the very Government that posed the question still doesn’t know what leaving the EU means to Britain.

Britain has voted to leave the EU and this must be carried out.

It is apparent that the EU must make an strong example of Britain and thus blackmail any other Nation from leaving the EU.

A good deal or a weak deal for Britain would encourage other nations to leave with similar conditions.

This would be the end of the EU thus it is imperative to crush Britain with no deals.

With a hard Brexit, something that Britain does not want, will be forced on Britain as a fear tactic to blackmail as example to the rest of the EU members.

The EU borders will have restricted access for Britain and they will make insulting conditions for Britains to enter or trade with EU.

The question of the North/South Ireland is not a British problem. They will make the conditions on their borders and we in Britain will have to accept their border controls. Southern Ireland coming into Britain will have to observe the EU rules, not Irish rules but EU rules.

It is not for Britain to make the rules of entry or exit to the EU but Britain will make reciprocal rules of entry into Britain.

Britain will have to decide who enters or leave Britain or British waters. Yes, the waters are British.

The divorce cost will be met by the German Government’s payment to Britain for their wars twice bankrupting Britain. This will be the loose change of their liability, but the bulk of the payment will be delivered to Britain. So the so-called divorce cost will be met by Germany!

Make no mistake about the EU to be run by Germany as was the Nazi plan of Germany for world domination. This European War is being fought, not with bombs but with money this time.

I G Farben is controlling the health of Europe by malnutrition as they dominate the drug trade.Their drugs have virtually turned British soil into a desert and this soil plus the herbicides and pesticides can only produce malnourished products with no vitamins, minerals or trace elements. No bugs or worms or birds can live in this chemical soil and those that have survived have migrated out of Farmers fields into hedge rows and towns.

Fifteen years ago, if I walked down my farm field with a long gun or even a long pole rake the wood pigeons 500 yards away would fly away from me. Now these wild wood pigeons now feed in towns and in our back gardens. I used to have Sparrows and Starlings in my town garden but not now. This is also the way for common people, the poor starved of nutrition, another Nazi people extermination?

We all know the illicit drug trade’s vast profits but this is nothing anywhere near the vast profits of the legal drugs. I G Farben practically controls which drugs are accepted as legal but worse, which drugs are banned.


We no longer have a NHS but have a I G Farben NHS!

IG Farben fear natural drugs because they are cheap and effective but have no business profits and no repeat sales.

They analyse the ingredients of these natural cures and extract the main chemicals that make them effective against illness, then they make a synthetic similars but not exact and they patent this and sell it to the public for vast profits. However cures do not happen from one element of the cure but from a synergy of all the other elements, thus this is why their drugs do not work.

Take a cup of tea. A cup of tea with milk added. a cup of tea with milk and sugar added. a cup of tea with half milk added. A cup of tea with milk an two sugars.

All cups of tea but with different tastes, differing by the synergy of the mixtures, but still cups of tea with different results.

Their synthetic drugs are designed to only treat the symptoms of disease but deliberately not cure. If the medicine cures the patient then they lose a customer.

You read “Brexit’ and “Brussels EU” and make up your own mind. If you agree or disagree then email me your own take of these published works and also email your own MP and ask, no demand a reply so that you can make a judgement of your MP.

Don’t know your MP, most people don’t so look up “google” and ask “google” to find your MP. You will  know the guy you elected that you don’t know. You know the democratically majority elected candidate - well no - the minority voted guy. Add up all their votes and divide them into all votes plus “No Voters - the ones that really vote ( NONE of the above- so go away and get other candidates) and we get a minority MP.

They all arrive in Parliament where a very few MPs are elected to Cabinet positions and these few tell the rest how where and when to vote even if they disagree with Cabinet!


All media, rich and members of parliament are voting to remain, sell once again Britain so that they the few are all right jack. We must not allow the sale of Britain or our laugh at our forefathers deprivations and deaths from two wars against Germany by capitulating to Nazi rule!

Other nations in the EU still remember who and what the Nazi rulers were like and they also know that they did not go away. They also know what is in store for them eventually. They also are watching what is going to be mete out to Britain for breaking away from this domination. They also know this is what is in store for themselves as their control in the EU shifts away from them. They know that they cannot wait too long to make a break for freedom. They cannot accept that Germany, who lost the war, is the most successful country in the EU after Germany had destroyed themselves and in such a few years are back to dominate them for the third time!

PM May knows that she is wasting her time going back and forth with proposals to a soft BREXIT. She is obliged to carry out senseless meetings knowing that the EU want No Deals. Hard BREXIT to keep the rest of the EU blackmailed into submission.

Pass this to your MPs and demand an explanation into who sold Britain.

Get our NHS back. Who sold our NHS?

Train Doctors of medicine to be complete doctors and throw out BIG PHARMA.

There are many alternative cures for diseases, so lets embrace them.

The money we will save from not buying expensive useless drugs could save the NHS. Sack the top four layers of the NHS. Bring back the Matrons. Employ real nurses and not Technicians pretending to be caring nurses.

Email, email and email till you get the truth about the EU. Then become true patriots of Britain.

Come on, you can do better than me!

To find out any argument one has to go to YouTube!

Oh yes, outside the establishments control! Yes, control!

There you will see EU Parliament at it’s worse. Why is this not mentioned or directed to the British people? Why is the fact the PM May monthly presenting a deal to the EU and the EU spokes person just insults her monthly for more than two years and this is not shown to the British people.