Boris Johnson, Cameron’s mole


The mole accusation stems from childhood friends and Conservative Party members where Cameron wanted a foot in both sides of the referendum question. So whether the leave or stay vote was the majority they would hedge their bets to win either way. Cameron who proposed the referendum with his Conservative Party on the stay vote and Boris on the leave vote thus the Conservative Party had a foot in each side of the vote and would be in control which ever way the vote went. However Boris’  stupid bus promise was a deliberate gaffe  to sabotage the leave vote.

Boris normally loves talking to the media, however this multi gaffe Boris has now stayed silent not to be seen or heard to make any more gaffes. This is so that he does not jeopardise his position in the nomination to Prime Ministership. A position the elite have already destined for him. The elite have told him to shut up until he is elected.

Now that the leave side has won, Boris has to stay and fight on the leave side.

Boris and Cameron were born into the elite and do not represent the common man. And yet one was the PM and the other looks likely to be the next!

Cameron and Boris Johnson were close friends, at School and Oxford University, and in the Conservative Party. And then in Parliament where both were fast tracked into prominent positions. Was this the hand of God or the hand of the elite that they were born into?

To propose him as a candidate for Prime Minister is an insult to the common people. It just shows how powerful the elite are who ignore the sensibility of the common people.

The elite are so powerful that they can put an ignoramus up for the most prominent positions in the country.

Who are the elite? Well, they believe they are up there with the gods whom we cannot see, however the elite are very much real. They are the real people who run the country.

And if you think that the elite are above the rest of us, just remember that Cameron is well known for being a ruminant interferer whilst his elite friends were cheering him on! He actually buggered a dead pig! And this was our Prime Minister!

The public school children are the sons and daughters of the elite. They are kept separate from common people because they are born and schooled to be leaders of the future. They are the future of elite!

As children they are farmed out to Public Schools away from family life and standards. They are rich little orphans and live the life of a military style school, follow your leader without question, or get caned for disobedience.

Like Military Officers they do not mingle with the riff-raff. Indeed it is an offence in their society to do so.

These social morons expect and demand to control the common man. To enslave and abuse the common man and they accept this as their right.

The elite who are a minority are so powerful that we are not a democratic society. The elite run the country for their benefit not ours.

Look at Brexit. We voted to leave. Three years later we are being bled dry and are still in the EU for the benefit of the rich!

Surely this is an treasonable act by the British government?

Boris Johnson: the second Theresa May?