The European Court of Justice

The EU is running scarred.

The European Court of Justice has ruled the UK can cancel Brexit without the permission of the other 27 EU members.

The EU is running scarred.

They are enlisting anti- Brexit politicians to fight for the EU domination control. Did I mention that Prime Minister T May was anti-Brexit?

The Irish north/south border that the EU will have to observe to the same conditions of any other entrance by Britain and this is their Achilles Heel  and not the British problem. 

Britain has taken centuries to resolve this border and the EU now think they can in a few months? Good luck with that!

Now Southern Ireland will be know as EU Southern Ireland and eventually drop down to a state of the EU.

No Horse racing from EU Ireland to the UK. 

No Dog racing from EU Ireland to the UK

No vegetable, Booze, meat from EU Ireland to the UK.

No EU Irish labourers the the UK.

All EU Irish passport holders will have to leave the UK

And the worst problem is the EU separating the Irish each side of the imaginary border!

This is an impossible situation and to  over come it the EU has proposed that Northern Ireland become EU Ireland. The to united Ireland into EU and only a State of the EU. This move means that Ireland will disappear from the map and become simply EU.

The anti-Brexit politicians will give up British of Northern Ireland to the new EU. This will be the beginning of breaking up Britain bit by bit as Hitler had planned many years ago to create a Nazi EU.

At the end of the second world war , in Britain, we had only 200 or so Members of Parliament and now we have 650! If we are conned by our remainder Prime Minister to stay under Nazi dominated EU then I cannot see any need for Westminster Parliament. As they are obviously ineffective now then as separate States of the EU, namely Scotland and Wales will be reduced as States of the EU.

Britain gone by design of dragging out Brexit.

Britain survived two World Wars deprivations and as the common people going through Zero hours contracts and food banks and no employment because foreigners  are prepared to work for under subsistence wages because they send most of their wages to their home land and increase the spending value many times greater.

The middle classes enjoy this plunder at the expense of the working class and do not see that they are greedily destroying Britain. If British young have no future then Britain has no future. All in one generation - this is un retrievable!

Sterling is flooding out of Britain greater than that of our payments into the EU to build up foreign countries. This is fast destruction of Sterling  and Harold Wilson will be spinning in his grave. Britain cannot sustain this rape.

The middle and upper classes are selling Britain and the majority British, the commoners are being shafted. Who owns Britain, the majority. Who are the majority, commoners.Who has no say in the sell of Britain, the commoners. In two World Wars who was the bullet fodder, the commoners. Who owns most of Britain, the commoners. Who is being sold to Nazi EU, the commoners.

If you own businesses, second or third homes, insurance policies in the EU then these traitors will vote to Remain.

Personally I give my allegiance  to Britain, how about you?